Broken Marble


HVMZA is a Belgian music producer and DJ with Turkish and Arabic roots.


He started making Hip Hop tracks with his cousins and friends in his bedroom at a very young age. After making love to Hip Hop for a long time, he started experimenting with another genre he always was into, House music. Feeling he could express himself more creatively with this style, he chose to explore and master the realms of House, that resulted in releasing his debut single 'Na Bosana' in 2019.


His style is remarkably different due to his colorful background. The music he makes is a melting pot of genres and cultures. African, Latin, Turkish and Arabic influences with Hip Hop and R&B vibes. Never afraid to push the boundaries and test new horizons, his art is always on the move. That's probably why his music is so hard to label. Is it Deep House? Afro House? Tech House? Or maybe even a complete new genre? You decide...